Construction Management-at-Risk

Construction Management at Risk (CM-R) has been the mainstay of the Harper Corporation since its inception 65 years ago. This purchase method brings all project team members, including designers, general contractor and consultants, on board early in the process to design and construct a project based on common goals, team building, mutual trust, commitment, and responsibility. With this method, the general contractor sets a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) early on, making cost control a priority.

Our services include:

• Complete preconstruction services
• Document and cost control
• Master project and critical path scheduling



Design-Bid-Build, or Hard Bid, is a model where the owner bids out a completed design in pursuit of the Low Cost Provider, in lieu of the Best Value. A separate contract is held with the architect and contractor. As Harper is dedicated to providing the overall best value to the client with regards to price, collaboration, quality, safety, and overall project success, Design-Bid-Build projects are pursued on a select basis. Many clients find that pursuing the overall Best Value contractor provides the highest probability for project success. In a Design-Bid-Build scenario, the Best Value can only be achieved by pre-qualifying general contractors and ensuring a completed design.



This method provides a “One-Stop-Shop” for clients. Owners will typically select a project team based on qualifications or select from a proposal. Harper will pull from a large number of qualified designers to help find the project team that best suits the needs of the client.
This model provides a turn-key solution to the owner by combining the contractor, architect, engineers, and subconsultants into one entity. Depending on the project type, utilizing Design-Build reduces the overall risk for the owner, avoids conflict and "finger pointing" between contractor and designer, expedites the overall project schedule, and reduces project cost by providing the most efficient combination of resources.


LEED Certification

As an industry leader in Green Building, the Harper Corporation promotes LEED certification as an option on every project. With this ability, Harper increases awareness, client education, and provides cost analysis. Harper has 11 LEED Accredited Professionals on staff and over $173 million in LEED-Certified project experience. Our completed projects have achieved ratings of Certified, Silver, and Gold. We are currently contracted to build one of the first LEED Platinum projects in South Carolina.

Our services include:

• LEED/Sustainability review during design
• Cost impact study
• Material management and tracking
• Recycling and reuse program
• Indoor Air Quality maintenance
• Submittal facilitation

Our completed projects have achieved ratings of Certified, Silver, and Gold. We are currently contracted to build one of the first LEED Platinum projects in South Carolina.



As a collaborative construction firm by nature, preconstruction teamwork has been a pillar to our company’s success for nearly 65 years. We recognize that working collaboratively with the owner and their design professional early in the process consistently delivers the best project outcome.

Our services include:

• Design Support
• Project Requirement Identification
• Process Management
• Cost Analysis
• Project Specific Goal Management

How can we help you?

Harper Corporation has a talented team waiting to help you make your project come to life. Licensed in VA, NC, SC, TN, and GA, with projects ranging from $2 Million up to $60 Million we can tackle any project that you have regardless of challenges or scope.


Our Environmental Systems team is now accepting applications for qualified craft workers in Greenville, SC and Charlotte, NC. Please call 864-546-7911 or e-mail to apply.