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Harper Construction Career Day at Rudolph Gordon

Harper is currently constructing the expansion of the new Rudolph Gordon K-8 school located in Simpsonville, SC. Due to the growth of Rudolph Gordon’s projects-based learning environment, the construction includes a 12,000 SF addition to the existing elementary school and a new 140,000 SF facility to host the addition of fifth through eighth grade classrooms with two major labs and improvements to the athletic fields. As the general contractor for this project, Harper was asked to sponsor a Construction Career Day at the school. This was an easy yes for Harper. With our passion to give back to our community, our project team stepped up quickly to promote the Career Day and provide all the essentials to make the kids smile.

When a Harper employee asked fourth grader Malachi what he thought about the new construction, he said,

“I’m excited about the gym. I saw it in the computer model, and it looked really cool and big.”

On May 19th, 14 Harper volunteers visited the school to host its career day. With four stations focusing on engineering, drone photography, safety, and surveying, the Harper team engaged students of all ages. Greenville County Schools Project Manager, Doug Cadenhead complimented Harper’s efforts and said,

“It was a thrill for me to walk through the parking lot and see how enthralled the children were with the large array of equipment on-hand just for them. It was also gratifying to see all the young men from your arena interacting so well with the kids.”


Not only did we share our story with different career stations, but four Harper employees conducted two presentations to the 4th and 5th grade students detailing the construction process, our technology use and what educational paths one would follow to become a construction professional.

We enjoyed our time with the students at Rudolph Gordon, and we very much appreciate every employee that put forth the time and effort to make this day memorable for the children.

Doug also mentioned our gift to each child,

“The hardhats for every child was a great touch…I bet many of them will still have that hardhat many years from now.”


Harper Volunteers: Sam Ligon, John Harper IV, Jason DeFronzo, Zach Pruitt, Regina Gay, Steve Foushee, David Fey, Lucy Zeiger, Kyle Snipes, Kaitlyn DeShields, Brady Coker, Luke Seder, Jeremiah Sexton

Team Harper Participates in 10th Annual Wheels for Meals Charity Ride


Team Harper’s cycling team participated in the 10th Annual Wheels for Meals Charity Ride event on April 30th.  This is the tenth year in a row that the ‘Harper Family’ joined in this event to raise support for Meals on Wheels of Greenville County.

This is a major fundraising effort for this excellent organization.  Meals on Wheels serves approximately 3,800 clients every year.  The 10th Annual Wheels for Meals Charity Ride raised over $129,500 to benefit their home-bound neighbors here in Greenville County.  The Harper Corporation had nineteen cyclists participate in this important event, along with three rest stop volunteers.  Five of these riders were Harper employees, including our Chairman, Doug Harper.  It is a tribute to the strong relationships we have built over the years that the other fourteen riders were not employees, but were friends whom we work with and work for!

Team Harper raised $10,964 in the 2016 event.  In the past ten years in this event, Team Harper has raised $111,319 for Meals on Wheels!
In other words, the dedication and hard work of the many participants will allow Meals on Wheels of Greenville to deliver over 28,000 hot meals and personal visits to our community!

Many thanks to those who cycled, donated to support those riders, and volunteered to feed and water cyclists at the rest stops, for your hard work and generosity.

Harper Employee Riders: Doug Harper, Charlie Anderson, Andy Hall, George Fulton, and Frank Tucker

Harper Friends: Louis Redmond, John Algary, Joni Algary, Denise Hudson, Jeff Hudson, JN Strausbaugh, David Wright, Jim Hearn, Rip Major, Tim Halbert, Russ Davis, Alex Masoti, Brian Young, and Ron Petrie

Volunteers: Rick Richardson, Carol Burger, and Tom Fuduric






Practicing Sustainability: Envision

The Harper Corporation is dedicated to sustainability. Our main office in downtown Greenville, SC, features solar panels and an electric car charging station. We also have 7 LEED AP’s on staff and have contributed to the LEED Certification of more than $165 million worth of construction.

In March, we added our first Envision Certified Professional to our team when Anne-Marie Moehring, a member of our Environmental Systems Division (ESD), earned her credentials to become one of the first Envision Certified Professionals (ENV SP) in South Carolina through the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI).


As an ENV SP, Anne-Marie is able to partner with our design teams and owners to determine if their project is eligible for Envision certification. Evaluation starts at design and includes a holistic assessment of the project’s impact on its local community and global footprint. Anne-Marie will lead project teams through initial analysis based on the Envision guidelines below. If the team decides to move forward with certification, she will facilitate documentation through design and final submission of the project to ISI.

Envision is an important addition to project assessment because it provides a framework for considering community impact, collaborating with stakeholders, and including provisions in design and construction to address future environmental factors and long term upkeep. Project teams can choose to use Envision as a best practices assessment and not pursue the certification. However, achieving certification allows the community economic growth opportunities. The EPA is also reviewing Envision certification as a factor in determining interest rates for State Revolving Fund loans. If approved, certification would make a project eligible for a reduced interest rate, saving the community money over the life of the project.

How can we help you?

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